Do want to grow your business and have expert advice on hand from an established business owner?

Let me introduce a brand new service we're doing for anyone in the trade industry who runs their own business.  For years I've had a knack for obtaining more work than I can handle and now I want to work with other tradesmen/women to help them grow their business and get more high paying work.

For a very low introductory yearly fee we will work with you to help improve your website, increase your web rankings, improve your company image and attract better value customers to your business.

Most "business or marketing consultants" will charge you £1500-2000 a month, to essentially tell you what to do, most don't even apply to the trade you're in or the market you want to attract.  I've used consultants in the past who've had minimal effect on my business because they're not really business owners in the first place, nor do they have any experience in the trade industry.  

For a low introductory fee of £3000 p.a or £250 pcm we will work with you for an entire year, helping you grow your business, increase your web presence and help you improve your business turnover and profit.

What's involved? / What does my money buy?

  • Expert advice from a trade specific businessmen for a whole year

  • Unlimited edits and alterations on your website to improve SEO and Google rankings

  • Optional social media management from a managed 3rd party (extra cost applies)

  • Support from a growing network of like minded business men and women in a similar trade or industry.

  • Help with business or trade related enquiries

And so much more!! ....

What to do next?

The first step is to get in touch.  Either email me at or give me a call on 07570656198 to discuss in further details exactly what it is you're looking for and how I can help you.

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