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Do you want to grow your business and have expert advice on hand from an established business owner?

Are you just starting out and unsure of what to do next?

Feeling like you've hit a brick wall and no matter what you do you keep ending up with the same results?

Are you over paying some marketing or business consultant who simply tells you generic things you can do, with no real results or charges you a fortune if you want them to do it for you?

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We can run your marketing campaigns so you can focus on running your business.


Whether it's via social media, pay per click advertising, print or post we can work with you to achieve the goals you want to aim for.


We do everything in-house, so we can keep our costs down and work with you.  We want your business to grow. Our main focus is you.


If you're unsure of what to do next.  Need an extra ear to listen to new ideas, or want someone to bounce ideas off of, we're here to help.

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Let me introduce our new service that we're running specifically for trade industry professionals.


 As a plumber, running a business seemed like all I had to do was quote, do the work and invoice.  Things quickly started to change after I first employed someone, and then another, and then another.  All of a sudden I was a plumber, running a business, with no experience or training in doing so.  I mean, they never teach you how to run a business when you're doing your apprenticeship.  

The funny thing about running a business is, you could be the best plumber/carpenter/builder etc in the world, but if you can't run a business you're better off working for someone.  That's the biggest problem with self employment, if you can't run the business side of things you end up working all the hours under the sun just to keep you afloat.  

It's not just the book keeping and accounting, it's the customer service, sales, marketing and advertising (notice how those two are different?)

All of a sudden you're a salesman, a social media manager, a photographer, a bookeeper, website designer, SEO expert, quantity surveyor, project manager... the list keeps going.

  Does any of this seem familiar to you? and did you get taught any of this in your apprenticeship?

If all of this is daunting for you, maybe you want an extra hand with some of the jobs on the list, or you want someone you can turn to when you have a problem, challenge or goal you want to achieve, then get in touch.  Contact me now for an informal chat and lets have a talk about how we can move forward and help you achieve all this and more.

Helping Hands

Join our mastermind group

Become part of a group of trades men & woman who want to learn and achieve more.  Help each other out with problems, share experiences and discuss ways to better each others businesses.

Our mastermind group is separate to our mentoring programme, but included if you're in it.

It's about working together and sharing ideas to help each other.

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