Your local Plumber in Bristol

The Bearded Plumber is your local Bristol Plumber.  We are new and innovative plumbing and heating company who provide services for all residential and commercial customers.  

As one of the newest plumbing and heating companies serving Bristol and South Gloucestershire we strive to exceed our customers expectations.  Our main focus is customer service and high quality work.  

Bathroom Design, Supply and Install - Plumber in Bristol

We're experts in bathroom renovations and now provide a full service to our customers.  We're able to to assist with the design and supply of all our bathroom installations in Bristol. We project manage all our jobs to ensure the work is completed to a high standard, on time and to budget.  

Our bathroom installation service serves Bristol, South Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.  We are here for any bathroom renovation requirements and cover all the work required to provide high standard, top of the range bathrooms.  We manage our own teams of electricians, tilers, plasterers, carpenters and painters so you can be assured that the work we do for you is of the highest quality.

Central Heating and Boiler Upgrades - Your Local Bristol Plumber

The Bearded Plumber also covers central heating upgrades like radiator installs, moving radiators in your home, upgrading your central heating boiler and providing boiler service and maintenance including boiler break downs.

Having a new energy efficient boiler can reduce your central heating bills saving you money in the long run.  A new boiler also means less break downs and less time without heating or hot water. 

Power Flush Your Central Heating System - Bristol Plumber

A power flush is designed to clean out the central heating system, including the radiators and boiler, from magnetite which is a ferrimagnetic form of Iron Oxide which damages the boilers internal components and clogs up radiators.  The iron oxidisation process also causes radiators to rust from the inside out, which can cause them to pin hole and leak. 

By cleaning out the iron oxide it reduces the risk of damage to the boiler, unclogs the radiators and pipework which results in the heat from the boiler being transferred more efficiently reducing heating bills as the home will heat up quicker and the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to heat the house.

Having a filter on the central heating system collects the magnetite as it passes through the system before it can reach the boiler.  It doesn’t clean the system (which is why the power flush is required) but it does reduce the amount of magnetite floating around the central heating system, as it’s recommended you clean it out every 3-6 months.

Having your central heating system cleaned and flushed means the boiler doesn't have to work as hard to heat your home, which results in a reduced risk of the boiler breaking down and less energy consumed with means cheaper gas and electricity bills.

The cost for having a power flush is £450 and at the moment we're supplying and installing a MagnaClean Pro 2 central heating filter free of charge.  Get in contact now to book us in.

Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance - Plumber in Bristol

We cover all general plumbing maintenance and repair work from a burst pipe to installing a hose tap. The Bearded Plumber has you covered.

Plumbing and heating break downs in Bristol is thriving because of the hard water in the area.  This is down to the build up of limescale in the local water supply which corrodes and damages your homes plumbing and heating system.  We can cover any plumbing problem you may have and also provide you with a suitable solution to your hard water limescale problem.

Ask us about our water softener package deal for more information.

Do You Want Better Hot Water Pressure? Your Local Plumbing Company Has The Answer

If you have low pressure hot water and want to be able to shower without flicking the water out of the shower head just to get it out quicker then we have the solution for you.

We specialise in unvented hot water cylinder installations.  An unvented hot water cylinder provides your house with mains pressure hot water so you can finally reach those bits that haven't felt water before.  An unvented hot water cylinder replaces your current low pressure hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard and the storage tank in the loft. We can install the unvented cylinder anywhere you want, so you can get the most out of your homes plumbing system and finally fill the bath up before you finish the first bottle of wine.

If you'd prefer to get rid of your hot water cylinder all together we can install a combination boiler in place of the one you currently have. This will give you instantaneous hot water at the flick of a switch and also free up that airing cupboard for more towels and bed sheets.

Why Choose The Bearded Plumber - Your Local Bristol Plumber

We have almost 15 years experience working as a plumbing and heating engineer.  We have experience in all residential plumbing and heating systems, from small 1 bed apartments to 10 bed country homes.  We provide commercial plumbing and heating solutions to a number of bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels in the Gloucestershire and Bristol area.  

We excel at helping our customers and want to help you, instead of looking at you like your simply another invoice.  

If you need a plumber in Bristol, South Gloucestershire or around the Cotswolds the look no further.

Contact us now on 07570 656198 or 

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