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5 Tips for your new bathroom.

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

1. Design and Prep.

I highly recommend having a layout idea planned before inviting a contractor to come and quote for the job. Do a bit of research and do some window shopping to get an idea of what you'd like in your new bathroom and the fixtures and fittings you'd ideally like to use. Keep in mind that the most difficult thing to move within a bathroom is the toilet, purely because of the 100mm waste pipe that is difficult to relocate.

Top tip - the more you move things around the more expensive it becomes, so be mindful that if you're moving the shower (or any other fixture) from one side of the room to another that the labour involved in that process will start to add up.

2. Have a budget in mind and be open about it with the person helping you design your new bathroom.

This sounds like you're giving the contractor a license to spend your money, but it isn't. Always ensure you know where your money is going by having an itemised quote which breaks down the labour, materials and if necessary the supplied goods. If you tell your contractor the ideal budget you have to spend then they can give you the advice you need to be able to make informed decisions on what you're able to do with the size of the room and money available.

It's no good someone coming in and quoting to completely gut the room, replace everything with high end fittings, marble tile throughout with underfloor heating and a huge free standing bath if you only have a limited budget available.

3. Use high quality items.

This doesn't have to be expensive, but it does have to last. Otherwise what's the point in buying it in the first place?

Be selective over what you choose to put in your home and the benefits will outweigh the expensive. If you end up putting cheap, poor quality items in, they'll simply break apart over time, costing you more money in replacing them, or worse, if they break and cause damage to the room then you could be re-renovating all over again sooner than expected.

4. Lighting. The more light, the more space.

Or so it seems anyway. A small room can still look big with the right natural and artificial light. LED down lights are getting more and more popular due to their versatility as they you can dot them around the room easily. A back lit mirror also gives the impression of a bigger room.

5. Most importantly, be realistic about what you require from your bathroom.

Yes a huge fancy bath tub looks amazing, and yes sitting in it surrounded by candles with some wine and some calming music sounds like pure bliss, but be honest, how often is that going to happen?

Priorities items that are going to be used daily, a bigger shower rather than one you can barely fit in to, a bigger vanity for the families tooth brushes or maybe all of your fancy face creams. Think about how it's going to function on a daily basis before "splashing out" on over the top designer fixtures that look good but don't really do much more than that. It's all well and good having an expensive, cool looking swirling towel rail, but can you actually fit a towel on it?.

I hope you enjoyed reading our 5 tips on your new bathroom. Keep an eye out for more bathroom tips and ideas as we'll have much more than these in our up coming articles.

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