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Mr & Mrs H. Shower Room in Bath

Updated: Jan 13

We did a job back in February for Mr & Mrs H. in a regency building near the centre of Bath. The shower room was designed and supplied by Ripples Bathrooms and the work done by ourselves with the help of MLS Electrical Services and Bristol Bespoke Tiling.

The room was originally a bathroom with an old French Sitz bath in the corner, a low level cistern toilet and a basin and pedestal. The walls were papered and floor had vinyl tile that had been put down incorrectly.

We moved the toilet to the other end of the room, fitted an internal cistern inside the stud work we built across the wall and fitted a wall hung vanity to give them more storage space. The rest of the stud work was built to allow for a small alcove in the shower and a seat.

The tiles are full bodied porcelain on the walls, which although they look great, were a nightmare to cut as they had to be done on our wet wheel outside and the apartment was on the 3rd floor. So a lot of walking up and down the stairs. The wood affect floor tiles were a softer porcelain which cut a bit easier and look great.

For any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us on hello@thebeardedplumber.co.uk or call us on 07570 656198

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